Nana Massage Phuket

Outcall Massage in Phuket

Thai Massage

Thai Massage involves a combination of stretching and acupressure techniques. The massage is oil-free. It helps to attain and regain “balance” in the flow of energy in the body. It achieves this through the application of rhythmic compression to energy lines and points together with deep stretching, improving circulation throughout the body.

Foot Massage

Foot Massage assists in the relief of stress and tension, helps to improve circulation and fosters a restoration of the body’s natural state of equilibrium. This ancient massage is believed to help promote oxygenation of tissues of several major organs of the body by focusing on the reflex zones of the feet that correspond to them.

Oil Massage

Oil massage is the rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of the body using massage oils to relieve tension or pain that has accumulated in your body during a tiring day.This is a very popular massaging technique used all over the world. Oil massages can be very relaxing and are more gentle than traditional Thai massaging.

Thai with Oil Massage

Begin with a Thai massage, then oil massage in Thai style targeting deep tissue muscle results in a treatment that focuses on easing tight muscles while also soothing the body and mind.

Warm Oil Massage

The heated warm oil lets our guest immerse themselves in the feeling of total relaxation just moments after the oil is rubbed on the body as the heated oil helps soften and expand the muscle tissues.

Aromatherapy Body Massage

Aromatherapy Body Massage is the art of combining relaxing massage with a pleasant aroma. The sense of smell can trigger past memories, and using this knowledge becomes an effective tool to use in encouraging relaxation. The massage helps to relieve stress, unknots tense and eases aching muscles. The skin, and systems of the body are stimulated, which boosts circulation, aids cellular removal and removes toxic wastes. As tense muscles relax, stiff joints loosen, and nerves are soothed, while the pleasant aroma serves to heighten the enjoyment of the massage.

Aloe Vera Massage

Aloevera highly recommended for after sunburn. Smooth, gentle massage on your skin by aloevera gel helps to refresh your skin very well.

Coconut Oil Massage

Coconut oil contains high antioxidants and Vitamin E. The skin is rubbed with Coconut Oil and the muscles are subjected to light pressure, they are agitated and the blood circulation below the skin and in the muscles is stimulated.

Scrub and Oil Body Massage

This spa treatment exfoliates the dead skin cells using various combination of sea salt, essential oils, and water. The treatment is found to nourish the skin, improve circulation, cleanse and tone even the most sensitive skin.

Deep Tissue (Sports) Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a strong pressure massage tends to focus on a particular muscle group and involves greater pressure deeper into the tissues that require healing or relief. An ideal for office syndrome and athletes.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage consists of deep, kneading strokes mixed with rhythmic tapping strokes and joint movement that used to promote psychological and emotional well-being through stress reduction and relaxation.